Suspicions arise as Sweden ‘shuns’ formal joint investigation of Nord Stream leak


Suspicions have arisen after Sweden “shunned” a formal joint investigation of the Nord Stream pipeline leak. A prosecutor investigating the incident said such an arrangement would result in Stockholm having to share information that it deemed confidential. This has prompted commentators to ask what exactly the country is hoping to hide.

Mats Ljungqvist, who is involved in Sweden’s criminal investigation into the Nord Stream leaks in the Swedish economic zone, said Stockholm had rejected the proposal for a Joint Investigation Team from judicial co-operation agency Eurojust.

This would have seen the creation of a group tying Sweden to Denmark and Germany.

Ljungqvist said the countries were already cooperating regarding the investigation of the pipeline leaks.

He added that a formal investigation group would include legal agreements forcing Sweden to share confidential information from the investigation it has been conducting since last month.

The prosecutor told Reuters: “This is because there is information in our investigation that is subject to confidentiality directly linked to national security.”

German television programme Tagesschau reported that Denmark has also turned down the offer for the creation of a Joint Investigation Team.

Journalist Ali Abunimah commented that Sweden’s refusal to take part in such a joint exercise suggests that its administration knows Moscow did not sabotage its own pipeline.

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The President said: “We will bring an end to it.”

When asked how “exactly” he would do that, given that control of the project is not in America’s hands, Mr Biden, grinning, responded: “I promise you, we will be able to do it.”

His message was echoed by other Washington officials at around the same time.

Danish police believe “powerful explosions” blew four holes in Nord Stream One and Two.

New reports suggest that at least 160 feet (50 metres) of the pipeline was destroyed.

Investigations are ongoing.


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