'Taliban on steroids' British sniper in Ukraine says Putin being 'absolutely hammered'


Shane Matthews, who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, said that Ukrainian soldiers are fighting “like the Taliban on steroids”. He is currently based in Kyiv, helping to fortify the city and train civilians. Mr Matthews said: “The Ukrainian artillery absolutely hammered the Russians while I was giving one of my medical lessons.

“Apparently the Russians have got no defensive positions in Irpin so the Ukrainian boys are absolutely hammering them, which is good news.”

He also denied that Kyiv would collapse, saying: “On another note, all signs point towards Irpin being pushed through by the Russians – convoy killers in place, everything is fortified to hell and I can safely say that a collapse of the city will not happen.

“The guerrilla-style tactics being employed by the Ukrainians is something you simply cannot defend against, it’s like the Taliban on steroids.”

Russian forces have so far failed to take control of Kyiv, despite their military superiority.

Mr Matthews also accused Putin’s forces of attacking civilian buildings and “indiscriminately shelling” the city.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “‘Military targets’ being attacked [by the Russians] today – military targets being a church, a two-storey school, a bridge… which was attacked as civilians were evacuating from the city.

“I have just spoken to a chap whose dad was killed two days ago and today in the artillery strike that we were in just now, his son was killed.

“And this is ‘denazification’?

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Eight Russian cruise missiles hit the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security in Yavoriv, just 10 miles from Poland – a NATO member state.

The blast killed at least 35 people and injured 134.

Col. Anton Mironovich, director of public affairs at the National Army Academy in Lviv and a point person for foreign fighters said: “All legionnaires are safe. No killed, no injured!”

However, Russia’s Defense Ministry released a statement saying that 180 foreign mercenaries had been killed, which was dismissed by Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesperson Markiyan Lubkivsky as “pure Russian propaganda”.

The statement, which threatened further similar attacks, said: “At these facilities, the Kyiv regime deployed a training centre for foreign mercenaries before being sent to the areas of hostilities against Russian military personnel, as well as a storage base for weapons and equipment coming from foreign countries.

“As a result of the strike, up to 180 foreign mercenaries and a large shipment of foreign weapons were destroyed.

“The destruction of foreign mercenaries who arrived on the territory of Ukraine will continue.”


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