Taliban planning to 'troll' US with inauguration of government on 9/11, say Russian media

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The move would be seen as a deliberate attempt to antagonise the United States by Afghanistan’s new leaders. The terror attacks of 9/11 on America were planned by al-Qaeda from Afghanistan, where the group had been offered safe sanctuary by the previous Taliban regime under Mullah Omar. On Wednesday, the RIA Novosti news agency said an unnamed source had indicated that the new Afghan government would be inaugurated on September 11.

Margarita Simonyan, the head of the RT channel, said the choice of date was deliberate.

“The inauguration of Afghanistan’s new government has been scheduled for 9/11,” she tweeted.

“The Talibs are good not only at generating memes but also at trolling.”

Earlier in the week, Afghanistan’s new rulers announced its “caretaker” government.

Despite the promise of inclusivity, it consisted entirely of Taliban members.

Its makeup is overwhelmingly drawn from Pashtun tribes, with only one Tajik and one Uzbek, both Talibs.

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Mr Haqqani is accused of planning indiscriminate bombings and attacks that have caused the death of hundreds of civilians.

He reportedly was the mastermind behind a 2018 suicide bomb attack in Kabul that killed 103 people.

There is currently a $10 million reward from the US State Department for information leading to his arrest.

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