Teen Greta Thunberg vows to give up a career in politics – 'Too much responsibility!'


Climate activist Greta Thunberg has vowed not to pursue a career in politics as she finds it “too toxic”, a news report has stated. The 19-year-old Swedish environmental activist was speaking to BBC in an exclusive interview where she shared her thoughts about climate change, politics, and the continuous abuse on social media.

Speaking to BBC’s Anmol Ranjan, she said that now the necessary changes “will only come if there’s enough public pressure from the outside – and that is something that we create”.

And she never intended to become the face of a global movement.

Ms Thunberg said: “It’s too much responsibility.

“Sometimes I can snap. I say, ‘If you think that all the hope in the world rests on burned-out teenagers’ shoulders, I mean, that’s not very good’”

In the latest video released by BBC, she is seen saying that she is not an “angry teenager” but is often portrayed as one.

She said: “People seem to have seen me as just an angry teenager who condemns every individual’s behaviour, which is funny to me. I am not an angry teenager.

“I probably don’t take life seriously enough in private.”

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Ms Thunberg further spoke about the social media trolling and explained how she remains unaffected by abuse.

But, there are a few things that bother her.

She told BBC: “What I am most bothered about is when people lie about me and spread, like, conspiracy theories – because I can’t lie, so when other people lie about me, it’s like, ‘No – don’t.’”

Targeted on Twitter by several world leaders, including Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, she has responded usually by changing her Twitter profile.

She said: “I just think it’s genuinely funny.

“I mean, the most powerful people in the world feel intimidated by teenagers. That is funny. It says more about them than it does about me.”


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