Terror attack fears on passenger jet attacks over Afghanistan as US bans flights

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The Islamic extremists could shoot down overflights in an action akin to flight MH17, which was shot down over Ukraine in 2014. The terror threat comes after the wartorn nation has been left in a security vacuum after US and UK troops announced they would leave completely by the end of August. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now imposed new flight restrictions over Afghanistan for US airlines.

The move is in response to the changing security situation as the US-led military presence evacuates.

In this emergency order jets flying over Afghanistan that transit at an altitude below 26,000 feet are prohibited.

The US authority said the risk “posed by extremist, militant activity” made the order necessary.

However, flights in and out of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, are exempt from the new rules.

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The Taliban have besieged the city as thousands of people have fled north towards Kabul for safety.

The city is running low on supplies of medicine, food and water.

In the regions surrounding Kandahar, the Taliban have been battling the Afghan government forces.

The fighting has led to the death of an estimated 100 people in Kandahar province in the past two weeks.

Another 300 people have been reported missing.

The carnage developing in Kandahar could see the Taliban soon take control of the entire city.

The city was founded by Alexander the Great in 330 BC and currently has a population of 651,484.

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