Tesco bakery spelling bungle leaves shoppers in fits of giggles

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The gaffe, mixing up the words “inconvenience” and “incontinence”, left shoppers and Reddit users amused.

The Reddit user who first revealed what had happened wrote: “The floors were a bit sticky to be honest.”

Others took to the comments to poke fun at the supermarket mishap, Daily Star reports.

One person joked: “Tesco really are taking the p***.”

Another user added: “Only a single apology as well.”

A third noted: “God I hope that was intentional.”

Someone else stated: “Tesco bakery is wild.”

According to the NHS website, incontinence is defined as the “unintentional passing of urine” with it being a “common problem thought to affect millions of people”.

It’s unclear in which branch the sign was spotted.

But Tesco, which has more than 7,000 shops, admitted the sign was “very unfortunate.” 

A spokesperson added: “A very unfortunate but amusing typo – we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused though.”

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