Tesla opens up its charging network: drivers of all EV brands can now use Superchargers


Tesla has announced that its non-Tesla Supercharger pilot scheme has today expanded to include the UK and some other European countries. 15 Supercharger stations in the UK will initially be included, meaning 158 individual chargers are now available to non-Tesla owning EV drivers.

Those drivers will be able to use the Tesla app to find the stations and charge their cars, paying £0.60 per kwh, which is double what Tesla owners pay.

However, the company is also launching a membership model that offers the chance to pay £10.99 per month to access lower kWh pricing.

Superchargers are between 120 and 250kW and can add up to 60 miles of range in less than five minutes.

A Tesla statement read: “Access to an extensive, convenient and reliable fast-charging network is critical for large-scale EV adoption.

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Tesla’s announcement could have a dramatic effect on public acceptance of EVs, according to a new survey.

More than 80 percent of drivers said they would feel more comfortable making the switch if Tesla were to open up its Supercharger network, in research conducted by electric car experts Electrifying.com.

In the survey of just under 1,500 people, 81 percent said they would be more likely to buy an electric car if Tesla’s network could be used by all EV drivers in the UK.

But some could see the move as a disadvantage for Tesla drivers who value the exclusivity and relative ease of being able to charge quickly while on the go.

There are currently more than 6,000 Superchargers in Europe, including almost 800 in the UK.

Four other countries: Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and Austria are also opening up for non-Tesla use.

The 15 sites that will initially be opened up to non-Tesla owners are: Aberystwyth, Adderstone, Aviemore, Banbury, Birmingham St Andrews, Cardiff, Dundee, Flint, Folkestone Eurotunnel, Grays, Manchester Trafford Centre, Thetford, Trumpington, Uxbridge and Wokingham.

As part of the pilot scheme, Tesla will monitor congestion at the sites.


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