The Batman’s Robert Pattinson 'haunted' by joke that enraged fans

The development of The Batman has been a rocky journey. The release date has been pushed back numerous times, with production halting more than once due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it has weathered most of these storms, some fans remained concerned about the movie after Robert Pattinson’s comments last year. He said: “I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem.” It sent certain audiences into a frenzy, fearing a weaker portrayal of the Caped Crusader. Now, the star admits it is a statement he regrets.

Batman has never been a hero with superpowers – unless being a billionaire is considered a superpower. To make up for the fact he can’t fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, run super-fast, or do any of the other tricks his super-colleagues can, Bruce Wayne ensures he is at the peak of what a man can be. 

He trains, harder and longer than most would dream of. Batman’s infamous ‘prep-time’ is one of the cornerstones of the character, reaching feats few can dream of. He is the greatest detective in the world, and he’s the toughest man you could ever face.

Zack Snyder’s version of the character captured this, with Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight proving to be a towering and intimidating figure. His training montage in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showcased as much.

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Audiences expect the same again, as, in a world of crazy villains and demi-gods, no mere man would realistically have a chance against any of it. While The Batman is separate from the rest of the DCEU, there will always be an expectation of training ahead of taking on such an important role. However, Pattinson’s comments from last year went against that.

The star said: “I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem. You set a precedent. No-one was doing this in the 1970s. Even James Dean – he wasn’t exactly ripped.” (via. GQ)

Soon after, some fans grew worried that his Gotham Knight would be a weak rendition of the character, lacking the physical prowess to suit up in the Bat-armour. Now new comments have put audiences at ease, as Pattinson admitted that it was a joke that was misinterpreted.

While his initial comments certainly worried some fans, many more have been overwhelmingly excited for the film. The runtime was recently confirmed to be two hours and 55 minutes, making it one of the longest superhero movies ever. 

Director Matt Reeves certainly has bold plans for the reboot, admitting it even has horror influences. Audiences just got their first look at Paul Dano’s The Riddler, sporting a Zodiac-killer-inspired outfit.

Reeves said: “This idea of a place that is corrupt, and you try to swim against the tide in order to fight against it and make a difference, is quintessential Batman. And at the centre of those noir stories is almost always the detective, right? And that’s why he is the world’s greatest detective. And so this story is, in addition to being almost a horror movie, and a thriller, and an action movie, at its core, it’s also very much a detective story.”

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