The Beatles and Freddie Mercury's Queen top most influential UK bands and solo artists

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During the 20th century, the UK has produced some of the most popular and impactful musicians in the world. And now new research has found the Top 10 most influential British bands and solo artists based on how much tracks are sampled, covered and remixed in commercially released songs. It should come as little surprise that The Beatles, the world’s most successful musicians of all time, came out on top by a long way.

According to 888’s analysis, The Beatles’ music has been used an incredible 11289 times in remixes, covers and samples.

The Fab Four’s most influential songs in the ranking were Yesterday, Something and I Saw Her Standing There.

While Freddie Mercury’s Queen came second much further down on 1323.

Here are the full Top 10 most influential bands and solo artists in the UK and the number of times they have influenced other songs:

The UK’s Top 10 musicians to listen to while driving:

1. Queen – 4.7%
2. Ed Sheeran – 2.7%
3. ABBA – 2.5%
4. Little Mix – 2%
5. Coldplay – 1.7%
6. The Beatles – 1.7%
7. Oasis – 1.6%
8. The Eagles – 1.6%
9. Fleetwood Mac – 1.5%
10. AC/DC – 1.5%

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