The Beatles: John Lennon was 'so frightened and paranoid' to feature in a Bob Dylan movie


Back in 1966, John Lennon – who would have been 82 this month – appeared with Bob Dylan in the latter’s documentary film Eat the Document. Directed by the Blowin’ In The Wind singer, the movie followed him on his tour of the UK and Ireland that year. The Beatles star featured in a scene with the American musician in a limousine, when both were high on drugs.

The music legends discussed World War II and The Beatles among a whole host of subjects. And in Jann S Wenner’s Lennon Remembers, the late star is recorded as saying how he was reluctant to be in the movie with Dylan.

He confessed in 1971: “I never did see it. [I] was so frightened, you know. I was always so paranoid and Bob said ‘I want you to be in this film’…. [And] I thought why? What? He’s going to put me down; I went all through this terrible thing.”

Lennon then went on to describe the scene he took part in and why he had such nerves.

Listening specifically to Norwegian Wood, Dylan said: “What is this? It’s me Bob. He’s doing me! Even Sonny and Cher are doing me, but, f***ing hell, I invented it.”

In the end, the singer parodied Lennon’s Norwegian Wood with his very own Fourth Time Around.

Dylan’s song ends with what can be interpreted by some as a hit back at Lennon. The lyrics read: “I never asked for your crutch / Now don’t ask for mine.”



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