The best-selling probiotic supplements for gut health


There is a constant balancing act between good and bad bacteria going on in our guts, and things like illness and infection can throw off this balance which may lead to unhealthy levels of bad bacteria.

When the bacteria balance in our gut is off it can lead to bloating, IBS, urinary and vaginal issues, and exacerbate some skin conditions.

Probiotics supplements are made from live bacteria that live naturally in our body and have been encapsulated into a supplement that can help you increase the number of healthy bacteria in your gut in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Probiotic supplements are an area of health that is still being researched, so while there is no definitive conclusion as to whether they can help with gastrointestinal issues, they are generally considered safe and there is a healthy amount of anecdotal evidence that points to a myriad of potential benefits.

By taking a daily probiotic, you can help ensure that your gut is getting a healthy dose of good microorganisms that boost overall health, so keep scrolling to see eight of the best-selling probiotic supplements in the UK.

Packed with 23 strains of 40 billion active microorganisms, this supplement helps you maintain a healthy digestive system and relief from bloating.

Unlike other probiotic supplements, this one is enhanced with a prebiotic high fibre powder known as Inulin which negates the need for multiple supplements.

The probiotics used in this supplement have been proven to survive the stomach acidity so they can reach the gut alive so they can be fully effective.

RRP: £21.50

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This high-strength, effective probiotic supplement has been formulated using a blend of effective biocultures that work with your body to produce healthy gut bacteria.

Using extremely potent active microorganisms, these double active vitamins help with digestion and mineral absorption that helps with bloating and other digestive issues.

RRP: £7.99

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With 100 percent natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, this multistrain probiotic has four billion guy-friendly bacteria per capsule along with two types of prebiotic fibre.

Free from gluten, dairy, GMOs, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, this supplement is safe to be used for daily digestive support.

RRP: £9.99

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This powerful women’s probiotic has been formulated to support vaginal and digestive health as well as the normal functioning of the immune system with 16 strains of live bacteria and microbiome.

RRP: £25.65

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This potent probiotic supplement not only contains over 50 billion live gut-friendly bacteria, but it also has calcium which contributes to the normal function of the digestive enzymes in the gut.

RRP: £22.99

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Maintain healthy levels of intestinal flora with this probiotic supplement that has been enriched with chicory inulin fibre.

The 10 billion live bacteria per capsules help to decrease uncomfortable bloating and increase nutrient absorption by maintaining a healthy bacteria balance in your gut.

RRP: £17.25

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Support your skin and hair along with your gut with this advanced probiotic supplement from Boots.

Containing billions of biotic cultures for a healthy gut, plus zinc and selenium for healthy skin and hair, these capsules support normal digestion and gut health on a daily basis

RRP: £11

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