The best time to get to the airport when the ‘crowds are tapering off’ – ‘Necessary’


The Family Vacation Guide are experts on the optimum time to travel to the airport. With widespread chaos at the UK’s major airports this year, spoke to a spokesperson to hear their top tips.

The spokesperson said: “Generally speaking, airports tend to be busiest in the mornings, with crowds tapering off throughout the day, especially before you get through security.

“Most people like to start their travels early in the day, and sometimes, depending on where you’re going, it’s necessary.”

If it’s possible, it’s best to try to fly later on in the day when things are quieter to avoid queues at airport security.

However, an early morning flight is normally less likely to be delayed as early issues can cause knock-on problems later on in the day.

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The spokesperson added: “The middle of the week tends to be less busy. People like to go away for weekends, which means bigger crowds at the airport.

“It also means higher airfares so if you’re looking to score a deal, be willing to travel mid-week.”

Flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are normally the quietest and often the cheapest options as well.

Retired tourists who are more flexible with travel dates would be best off travelling mid-week for a holiday.


The Family Vacation Guide spokesperson added: “There’s a downside to carrying your luggage with you.

“It may take you more time to remove everything that needs to be taken out and get yourself through the checkpoint.

“You also increase your risk of having your bag screened, which can cause significant delays.”

Britons should also aim to arrive at the airport two hours before their flight departs to give themselves enough time.


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