The Business of Live Sports Betting


Humans have always enjoyed gambling, with the earliest evidence that we played games of chance dating back to hundreds of years BCE. From dice and cards to the outcomes of sporting events, people have always had faith in their ability to pick a winner, whether that’s a dog racing around a track or a football team playing match after match to be declared the champions.

Sports fans often have a lot of insight into the chances of their favourite team winning, as well as following the other teams in the league. The advent of online streaming services and on-demand entertainment means that people can follow their favourite sports more closely, and watch games from all over the world, at their convenience.

This has made sports betting even more popular, especially when combined with the ease and convenience of placing bets online. Online gambling has become a huge business, with millions of players making the most of the ability to follow their favourite teams from wherever they happen to be.  

What is live betting?

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, involves placing bets on games that are already in progress, using the existing information about the teams’ performance to make informed predictions about how the rest of the game might play out. This is a relatively recent innovation in the gambling sector, originating in the late 1990s when bookmakers would allow phone bets to be placed during the match itself.

This type of bet has become a more viable option since the advent of online gambling allowed for instant transactions between bookmakers and fans. It has also opened up the number of things that fans can bet on so that as well as putting money on which team is going to win, punters betting on a game of football can also place wagers on:

  • Half time scores.
  • Full-time scores.
  • Number of goals scored in either the first or second half of the match
  • The number of yellow or red cards issued during the match.
  • Which team members will score goals.
  • Much more…

Some bookmakers offer a wider range of live betting options than others, but it is becoming a more popular way to make any match more exciting, including games that are popular all over the globe.

One of the main differences between pre-match and live betting is the information available about how the game is going. Although this is available to both the punter and the bookmaker, it means that gaming can be a continuous process whereby both use their knowledge of the game to try and assess the odds of any given outcome.

The types of sports you can bet in vary greatly. One of these sports is football. You will find that many sportsbooks that offer Premier League odds also offer live betting on the same matches.

How to get started in live betting

Anyone who has never enjoyed the fun of live betting before will need to start by finding a reputable bookmaker to lodge their wagers with. Check that your chosen website has all its security systems in place, from a valid gaming license to secure pages for financial transactions and proper data handling policies.

When you decide to try live betting, you want the reassurance of knowing that you are using a site that has your safety as a priority. Making a well-researched choice means that you can relax and focus on the fun of following the game and working out what’s most likely to happen.

One of the best things about in-game betting is the ability to leverage your knowledge of the teams involved to make accurate predictions about the impact of various different influences. From players that are returning from an injury to those that are on a winning streak, this is one area of betting where keeping a close eye on your team can pay dividends.

The rise of live betting 

As all forms of entertainment are becoming more popular online, sports betting has naturally become a bigger and bigger industry, as more people are taking advantage of being able to place a bet from the convenience of wherever they happen to be. In the US, in-game betting has become a huge business in its own right with the NFL leading the field   within the US and the NBA taking the top spot in the global stakes.

The global gambling industry has grown and adapted to accommodate new technology every time an innovation has been announced. From video poker and slots to virtual reality and logarithmic odds-setting, there have been so many changes in the way online gaming has evolved that live betting seems almost an inevitability.

Fans, players and the world of sports as a whole all benefit from the excitement afforded by the rise in live betting as it means every variable has the potential to change the way you bet. Experts can make the most of their knowledge and beginners have several opportunities to place a winning bet, making it an engaging choice for any sports fan.

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