The Charmed Reboot Finale: Where Are We Now?

Charmed Reboot Finale
Charmed Reboot Finale

After four seasons of onscreen magic, the Charmed reboot has ended. However, unlike the original series, which lasted eight seasons, the Charmed reboot ended with a nod to the OG Halliwell sisters and left fans with more questions than answers. We’ll explain why the reboot was controversial from its inception and how it wrapped up its 4-season run.

The Controversy behind the Charmed Reboot

Fans were delighted when The CW announced in 2018 that they would be rebooting Charmed with an all-female cast of color. WB’s showrunners announced that they would be rebooting the hit 90s show “Charmed”, but not everyone was pleased with the news.

Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell in the original series, took to Twitter to share her grievances, writing that the show would not be the same without Brad Kern and the original cast.

Alyssa Milano, her co-star, was more supportive but still expressed unhappiness with how things had transpired. Part of the problem was that the rebooted series gave so little attention to the original. The cast and writers of the original series felt that their hard work and creativity were dismissed. Fortunately for fans, the hard feelings and hostility disappeared over time.

However, the original Charmed cast felt more positive by the end of the third season. The original cast members, including Shannen Doherty (who played Prue Halliwell in the original Charmed), congratulated their successors on their success.

In 2020, Shannen Doherty wrote a touching Instagram post congratulating her former co-stars and wishing them luck. She also met up with Combs and Milano for an emotional reunion in 2021. Other cast members slowly came on board as the new reboot felt more connected to the original storylines. This led to Doherty’s return as Patty Halliwell in season 4, where she served as both a mentor and ally for Melonie Diaz’s character Mel Vera.

The series finale saw Mel, Maggie and Kaela sent through a portal into Halliwell Manor—the home of the Charmed Ones: Prue (Doherty), Piper (Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), and Paige (Rose McGowan)—for one last mission before they disappeared into oblivion.

Though a peace offering, this nod does little to erase years of bad blood between both groups of witches. It’s unclear if the relationship between these two shows will ever be fixed or if this is truly a permanent goodbye. Only time will tell… Will there be a new Charmed in the future?

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