The 'first noticeable' symptom of bowel cancer is hematochezia – seen in 90% of patients


Being able to identify the warning signs of cancer promptly can buy you precious time to stop cancerous cells from spreading to other parts of your body. What’s more, the earlier you catch the condition, the higher your chances of successful treatment will be. Fortunately, hematochezia could break the news of bowel cancer, with the sign being considered the “first noticeable” symptom.

According to the doctor, the “first noticeable” symptom of bowel cancer is hematochezia, also known as blood in the stool.

This sign is characterised by a fresh, red colour that can be mixed in with your poo or it can be spotted on the loo roll.

Hematochezia is triggered by bleeding in your colon, which is fairly close to your anus.

This means that the blood only travels a short distance, giving the sign its key fresh appearance.


“See your GP, they can arrange tests including blood tests, stool tests or more advanced tests like colonoscopy or CT colonography if required.

“Most people with these symptoms actually do not have bowel cancer, but if you are concerned, please speak to your GP.”

Other conditions like coeliac disease and haemorrhoids can cause similar symptoms so these signs don’t guarantee you have the deadly condition.

What’s worse, some people might not experience any symptoms at all, highlighting the importance of undergoing cancer screening if you’re eligible.


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