The Queen loves 'beautiful' dessert with food she picks herself 'from Balmoral estate'


Ahead of the dessert competition, former royal chef Darren McGrady shared some of the Queen’s favourite foods and ingredients.

When talking about the perfect dessert for Her Majesty, Darren recommended participants to “look at her favourites”.

He said: “We know the Queen loves chocolate, so for me, I would add some chocolate in there.

“A mint chocolate fondant. Maybe that’s the route to go.

“But also because this is going to be in June, and because the Queen loves seasonal food and local food too, maybe add those gorgeous fresh berries that we have coming into season in June.”

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The chef explained that “the Queen has a sweet tooth”.

“She really does!

“And whether that’s afternoon tea or whether that’s after lunch, after an entree or main course or whether that’s in the evening.”

Darren revealed they served chocolate dishes “a lot of the time” in the palace, such as chocolate perfection pie.


“The thing with this pudding is that in the UK pudding is everything. It can be anything sweet.

“It can be a baked pudding, a pie, it can be a cake… any sort of pastry and I think we have to sort of take into account that we want to serve this to all of our family and friends in June, in a special day and so maybe not a hot pudding,” he advised.

The chef also unveiled the Queen “loves the honey and cream sponge, and the jam and cream sponge”.

Darren explained: “She used to go picking strawberries from the estate of Balmoral, send them to the kitchen and we would make jam just to put in the layers.”

He continued: “It’s all about the flavour and the taste and if she can have a cake in her name that has beautiful English strawberries in there, or from the chocolate side, it’s not about extravagance it’s about the content that’s in the cake.”

Darren explained the chocolate perfection pie, one of the Her Majesty’s favourite desserts, “is a dish we served a lot in the palace and one of the dishes we prepared for the Queen a lot”.

The dessert has a “beautiful shortcrust base, it has layers of cream, it has chocolate through it, obviously, and then it’s cinnamon cream on top and then grated chocolate on top.

“I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that!” he said.


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