The Value of Your Own Experience vs. Relying on Reviews

In an online world, you’re never too far away from someone else’s opinion. This can often be incredibly helpful, such as when you’re unsure about whether you should make a specific purchase, but it can also be frustrating, as the declaration of this opinion can feel as though it’s there to prevent you from forming your own.

This can lead you to stay away from reviews in general, but they do have value, and it’s worth trying to understand how you can discern the difference between times you should press on yourself, and times when reviews might be better suited to helping you form a superior experience.

Mechanical Superiority

It might come down to the experience that you’re hoping to have as a consumer. For example, if the product that you’re thinking of getting involved with is quite mechanical, such as a tool that you want to use around the house, or something that you want to improve your quality of life – reviews can be incredibly important. Why take the risk on a new oven by going in blind when reviews could help to gear you in a more positive direction?

That can also refer to gaming experiences that might be less subjective. An online casino review can inform you which one to opt for without spoiling your experience in any meaningful way, simply because of how these games operate in contrast to more artistic expressions of the medium.

Artistic Experience

That, then, might be where the other side of the coin is found. When it comes to forms of art, such as movies, TV shows, books, music, games, paintings, or just about anything where there is substantial room for people to form their subjective interpretations and views, you might be better off going in blind. Not only can reviews spoil some aspects of the experience via simple inference but going in with an expectation of quality can colour your impression, and potentially prevent you from making an effort of understanding where you otherwise would.

For example, if you watch a movie thinking that it contains no artistic value, you might not be trying to understand the visual language or make any sort of interpretations deeper than what is put in front of you.

The Exceptions

That being said, while notoriously bad movies can still be fun to watch and ultimately might be an experience worth the generally low cost of entry, the same can’t be said of something like video games. With the price of new games rising more and more as time goes on, knowing if a game is a technical mess before it comes out can help you to save your money and prevent that kind of practice from being encouraged in the future. In this sense, the focus of negative reviews isn’t about any sort of artistic intention, but from a more objective stance, it can decipher whether a product is in an acceptable state or not.


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