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If you’re someone who is sick of struggling with unwanted hair, chances are you’ve experimented with all the different methods and been left unsatisfied. Shaving, waxing, and epilators can work well, but they’re often painful with results that are infuriatingly short-lived.

IPL hair removal is a long-lasting, efficient way to remove excess hair with results that can last for months between sessions. IPL, which stands for ‘intense pulsed light’, works by using pulses of light to break the hair growth cycle and prevent hair from growing back for up to six months, after which time you can use the device again and enjoy another few months of hair-free living.

If you’ve looked into getting the treatment done in a salon, the price may have put you off as it can cost hundreds of pounds to do all the sessions you need. But there is another way, with at-home hair removal devices on the market that allow you to administer the treatment on yourself.

Amazon’s best-selling IPL device, the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device, has just been given a 40 percent discount. Starting off at £450, the device is now on sale for £270, saving you £180.

While £270 is still a lot to spend on an at-home device, reviewers are finding it significantly more cost-effective than in-salon treatments.

“I was planning to go to a salon and get laser hair removal, however, I came across home laser treatments and decided to give it a chance seeing as salon laser treatments are so expensive. This arrived about a month ago and I have used it twice. The results are amazing. I mean really amazing. It sounds too dramatic to say it has changed my life but I can’t explain how self-conscious I was about this damn hair before”.


Person using an IPL device on their legs

This best-selling IPL device has been given a 40 percent discount (Image: Amazon)

 Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device

The device can automatically adjust to your skin tone (Image: Amazon)

Perfect for getting you ready for the summer holidays, many reviewers loved that they could take off without the need for a razor: “My hair used to grow so fast that if I shaved my legs at night I couldn’t wear a skirt in the morning. I bought this device two months ago and have done four sessions two weeks apart, I have just returned from a 7 day holiday where I didn’t even bring a razor!”.

The Phillips IPL device is gentle and easy to use, and has been developed in conjunction with leading dermatologists to ensure it’s safe for home use. The built-in skin sensor has the ability to measure your skin tone and indicate the most comfortable setting for you so it can be as pain-free as possible, and the 4.5-star rating indicates reviewers have been impressed.

The handy attachments the device comes with make it effective on different areas of the body, from your bikini area to your legs, to even your upper lip. Although you have to use the device continuously to see results, reviewers were still impressed with the results, with one saying “you have to be consistent with this, but it does work! it doesn’t get rid of hair for good, but allows you to go weeks without shaving.”

Unfortunately, the device isn’t suitable for all hair and skin types, and won’t work on those with white, grey, light blonde, or red hair, nor those with very dark skin tones.

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If you like the idea of at-home IPL but want to know what else is out there, here are three more of Amazon’s top-rated devices.

 Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device can be used on your face (Image: Amazon)

Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 3

Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 3 (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 323 rating

This at-home hair removal treatment also has a big discount at the moment, with the price slashed by 40 percent.

The device is safe and efficient, offering visible hair reduction in just four weeks. The detachable precision head gives you more accuracy on smaller areas, such as your upper lip.

The SensoAdapt technology automatically adapts to your skin tone so it can be as safe and painless as possible.

Promising review:

“I was slightly cynical about this product when I first bought it but I was fed up with shaving constantly and was looking for a more long term solution. I bought this IPL and decided to try it out on my lower legs to test how it works and get used to the machine. After two months of shaving and using this once a week, my hair regrowth has slowed right down, so no hair grows at all now! The hairs that do grow back in some areas are significantly lighter and softer. I am definitely happy I invested in this product and hope the regrowth slows down more and more with future uses. Definitely recommend this product”.

RRP: £424.99, on sale now £240 – you save £184.99

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IPL Laser Hair Removal System

IPL Laser Hair Removal System (Image: Amazon)

4.8 star from 5,488 ratings

With five power levels and two flash modes, this powerful IPL laser hair removal device allows you to customise the device to best suit your skin tone and hair colour.

RRP: £69.99, on sale now for £59.49 – you save £10.50

Promising review:

“Very easy to use this product. I was a bit nervous before doing it, but it’s painless and fast to do the full leg with auto mode, I used the maximum intensity and still no pain or dark spots. It’s easy to use and very well packed. It’s a good product”.

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SlkySmooth IPL Hair Removal Device

SlkySmooth IPL Hair Removal Device (Image: Amazon)

4.3 stars from 503 ratings

Easy to use and suitable for sensitive skin, this powerful device works two times faster than other machines on the market.

Promising review:

“I have had a lifelong battle with hair. It just gets to a point where you do not want to wax, pluck, or shave your body anymore… you just want it gone! After trying another device that didn’t work, I thought I’d give this a try. It’s so easy to use and completely painless! I started on level 1 but quickly moved up to level 5 and can already see the hair being completely thinned after only a week of use. Unlike the other device, this one is easy to grip, and It helps because I can do areas quickly without having to stop. So happy with this purchase. If you want to be hair free then this is a miracle solution”.

RRP: £69.99, on sale now for £57.99 – you save £12

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