'Time to replace Kamala': Harris delivered hammer blow as support drops in opinion polls


Kamala Harris faces being “replaced” as US Vice President with US Democrat Party chiefs concerned over poor polling numbers heading into the 2024 elections. Australian TV host Paul Murray summarised the US Vice President’s latest polling numbers as “Normal people can’t stand Joe Biden but they hate his Vice President Kamala Harris even more.”

The Sky News Australia host said: “Here’s the latest opinion polls that show Biden has 42 percent of the American people on his side just 38 percent for Kamala Harris.

“So people are starting to talk and people are suggesting it is time to replace her as the Vice President and potentially running mate in 2024.

“Of course, Kamala Harris says ‘no please, please no, that could never happen, I’m supposed to fail upwards forever.’

“Well guess who is standing by in the wings and is telling the political media in the United States that he is the most popular Democrat in the country, apart from the most popular president of all time, in Joe Biden. 80 million something votes couldn’t possibly be wrong.

“It’s Mayor Pete [Buttigieg] he’s apparently the most popular person that fellow Democrats want when it comes to campaigning for the House or the Senate.

“Now how very kindly, somebody decided to point that out just in case there was some suggestion that maybe the current vice president wasn’t good enough.”

He added: “Because if somebody defines failing upwards, it’s Mayor Pete, and he’s coming for you, Kamala.”

It comes as President Biden prepares to take on his potential 2024 presidential rival, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, in a November campaign event for the Democratic candidate for governor, Charlie Crist.

The White House said on Sunday that Biden will travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 1 to attend a reception for Mr Crist, a former governor and member of Congress who is trailing in polls behind the popular Republican incumbent.

Mr Biden and Mr DeSantis have publicly played nice with each other in recent weeks in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

During a joint appearance on a trip to survey storm damage in Florida, President Biden said the two leaders had worked “hand-in-glove.”

But the differences between them are stark and both men could potentially be rivals in 2024 if Mr Biden runs for re-election, which he has indicated he intends to do, and if Mr DeSantis runs for the Republican nomination and succeeds in beating back former President Donald Trump, who is mulling a comeback bid.

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Mr DeSantis is popular in the Republican Party and has clashed with President Biden on multiple policy issues including COVID-19 vaccines, immigration, and abortion rights.

The president’s embrace of Mr Crist and his attempt to boost him in the late stages of the campaign could be a sign that Democrats have not given up on hopes of toppling DeSantis in his home state. It could also reflect an effort to let Biden make a more muscular argument against a man who is a likely presidential hopeful.

Mr Biden just completed a western travel swing in which he sought to boost Democrat Tina Kotek, who is running in a tight race for governor in Oregon.

Control of the US House of Representatives and Senate is at stake in the November midterm elections, but state elections and governors’ races are also being closely watched for their potential policy impacts on abortion and voting rights.


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