Tom Kerridge shares his ‘go-to’ breakfast smoothie to ‘refuel after exercise’


Tom Kerridge is “all about the eating experience” but that came at the price of his health. A few years ago, the celebrity chef weighed 30 stone and as he approached his 40th birthday, he was inspired to slim down. With a hectic lifestyle working as a chef, Tom turned his life around and lost 12 stone. He then went onto publish several weight loss and diet books as well as appearing in his own TV show, Tom Kerridge’s Lose Weight for Good. Now, he is not only conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but he is inspiring others with his recipes, and his berry smoothie is perfect for anyone who likes to workout before breakfast and then needs something quick and nutritious to refuel after. 

Appearing on his website, Tom said this smoothie is something he would choose to eat after exercising. 

“I would often have this breakfast shake when I want to refuel after morning exercise,” he explained. 

“By keeping a stash of berries in the freezer I can whiz it up in seconds, and avoid giving in to hunger cravings on the way back from the gym.”

The smoothie, which appears in Tom’s Lose Weight and Get Fit book, is extremely easy to make and serves one. 

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A large handful (100g) frozen berries

30g porridge oats

Two tbsp Greek yoghurt (zero percent fat)

One tsp granulated sweetener

180ml whole milk

A few mint leaves

Four ice cubes


1. Put all the ingredients into a jug blender and blend until completely smooth.

2. Pour into a large glass or portable drinks container and enjoy.

3. Variation – use coconut or almond milk instead of cow’s milk.

For anyone looking to lose weight, or for those who have hit a plateau, Tom has some diet motivation tips. 

Shared on BBC food, Tom suggests planning meals.

Menu plan at the beginning of the week. Life is so much easier when you know what you should be cooking,” he explained. 

Another top tip is to do your food ship after eating a meal. 

“Don’t do your weekly shop when you’re hungry. Buy the right choices; don’t fall into hunger-temptation,” the chef remarked. 

He also advises dieters to not get hungry, explaining: “If you eat healthily and sensibly, three meals a day, you’ll find yourself on the correct path.”

Remembering why you want to lose weight and what the end goal is, is also important. 

Don’t be put off by what seems to be slow progress,” Tom said. “Remember why you are trying to lose weight and what you are trying to achieve. 

“Think of it as a long-term plan that has short-term gains. Little-by-little is a lot more sustainable.”

And when it comes to cooking meals, Tom says batch cooking means midweek meals are “so much easier” when all you have to do is “get it out of the freezer”. 


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