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Now a days recovering files from any mac computer could be tricky. If you don’t find your lost files on Trash then you will need a recovery tool. Many tools available in the market claims to be the best. It is software used by people in the field of Photography, information and technology to recover lost media files from mac operating devices.

Here we have identified the Top 5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac that are 100% reliable.

Top 5 Photo Recovery software for macOS?

  • Stellar Photo Recovery for MacStellar Photo Recovery for Mac software is the powerful media recovery tool capable of recovering lost or deleted photos, videos, and audio files from your Mac computers, cameras, and removable media, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, Mac Studio, digital cameras, iPhone, Android, USB flash drives, SD Cards, Mini Disk and others. This mac recovery tool can recover Unicode files, and has the disk imaging feature which allows you to recover lost or deleted multimedia securely, without worrying about data loss due to drive failure.


  • Wondershare Recoverit – This data recovery tool helps you recover deleted files and folders on your Mac. It supports many file types, including videos and photos that were deleted by mistake or data that were lost due to a mistakenly formatted hard drive.
  • R-Studio MacOS-This is the other top data recovery software for Mac that can recover deleted file systems. It uses advanced scanning algorithms to recover deleted files and restore formatted partitions together with whole drives. Besides, it helps create an image file of a disk with bad sectors to make it easier to recover files.
  • Disk Drill for photo recovery-Disk Drill, developed by Clever files, is one of the best data recovery software that also tops the list when it comes to the recovery of data from Mac and other storage devices. The software comes with several features that support comprehensive data recovery. You can recover files and folders on any storage device, including iOS and Android devices. It is reliable Mac data recovery software that is constantly updated and covers data loss resulting from accidental deletion, device damage, and power loss, among many other causes.
  • PhotoRec – This is used by Amphoteric, which makes it to this list because of the advantage of being open source. It makes it readily available to users who want to access the application, source code, or both. Besides, it works well with Linux, OS X, Net BSD, Free BSD, Open BSD, and Windows. Some files you can recover with PhotoRec include JPEG pictures, PDF documents, MP3 audio files, Microsoft Office Files, and ZIP archives, among other file types. When recovering deleted files on Mac, it works as per the developer’s specifications. Also, you can retrieve the files from various devices, including USB flash drives and digital cameras.

What are the features of photo recovery software for macOS?

  • Guaranteed recovery 
  • Preview before recovery
  • Ability to save scan information
  • Emergency recovery boot drive
  • Time Machine Recovery
  • Recovers Camera Specific RAW Photos
  • Photo Recovery from Encrypted Drives
  • Recovers data from Mac notebooks, hard drives, SD cards, digital cameras, etc. 
  • Built for recovery of data lost due to unintentional deletion and drive formatting 

What is the Summary of photo recovery software for macOS?

For the Mac or any other storage device is a reality everyone has to live with. However, with the increasing technological advances, recovering data has become one of the most effortless endeavors, especially with the help of data recovery software.

Many professionals use Stellar Photo Recovery for Mac to provide storage drive and volume information. Stellar Photo Recovery software provides smart details on your storage drive and volume. Smart data reveal your hard disk’s health and temperature, indicating HDD wearing signs of drive, if any. It helps you to take a timely backup of the drive and prevent future data loss.

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