Top 5 Rock Music Festivals to Attend In 2022

As the world comes back to its normal, music festivals have resumed progress too. And aren’t people eager to propel their normal lives forward once again? Taking a break from all the pandemic exhaustion and vibing to the music beat is one euphoric escape route. So why not make it easier for you to go to your favorite rock music festival and vent off the lockdown struggle?


While at this time of the year, you may find it unfortunate since multiple popular music festivals namely Primavera Sound, Glastonbury, Coachella, Mad Cool, Roskilde, and the Isle of Wight have already passed, you still do not need to get upset because we’ve got some very cool options for you. 


Or if you have already attended any of these, you might just kick back and unwind by playing some of the best live casino games at casino777. Nonetheless, if you’re not yet lethargic of feeling the rhythm in your nerves, there are several upcoming rock music festivals that you might wish to catch on time!


Yes, you’re right to instantly think of a new age prevalent in a rapidly advancing world with young people grooving in dense packs under colorful lights when you hear the word ‘Tomorrowland’. Held in Boom, Belgium, between 22-24 & 29-31 July, you might need to hurry up to book your tickets as their lineup consists of every DJ you may have ever heard of. And they’re performing on massively designed stages.

Fuji Rock Festival 

This is your opportunity to visit Japan and tap your feet at the Naeba Ski Resort. Commencing on July 29th and ending on July 31st, this three-day event features over 200 national and international musicians. It is the biggest outdoor music festival in Japan. 


But do remember, if you have had way too much rock or electronic music to your ears, you always have the option of enjoying a noiseless virtual casino from the ease of your home rather than visiting the Casino Venus in Tokyo after standing endlessly at the Fuji Rock Festival.

Let It Roll 

Your find is over if you’re looking for the globe’s largest drum and bass music festival. Organized in the Czech Republic’s town Milovice from 4th to 6th of August, one can’t just get enough of this festival as it has nine astonishing stages at 170 bpm. Moreover, its interesting venue is a former military airfield outside Prague, hosting more than 25000 people.

Hinterland Festival 

We all are aware of the riff that ‘Heat waves’ has created all over the internet including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Well, the Hinterland Festival is a perfect chance for you to listen to more of Glass Animals’ songs live. While this is just one band, various others are performing. After all, it is the largest music festival in Iowa, United States. Mark your calendar for 4-7 August 2022. 

End Of The Road 

Low-key, we all yearn for a combination of indie rock music and folk genre. And what can be better than enjoying it at a place with a great natural landscape; England. It is planned at the Larmer Tree Gardens, Wiltshire every year. Make sure to adjust your schedule to make September 1st-4th spare to attend the End of the Road Festival.


At the end of the day, it is well known how fatiguing these multi-day festivals can be. Hence, it only makes sense to relax and have other sources of entertainment as well. 


Perhaps reading a book and/or playing games online from the comfort of your home is your gratifying idea instead of physically attending music festivals.

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