Top 5 Things To Enjoy in Changi Village, Singapore

Changi Village
Changi Village

Many tourists prefer Singapore as their top travel or vacation destination. Being one of the safest, most attractive, and most popular countries worldwide, it’s usually a popular choice for most tourists. Singapore has numerous attraction sites, but Changi village has numerous features and activities that enhance a thrilling experience for domestic and international visitors. You can enjoy your time visiting various locations and engaging in different activities in this attractive village. Let’s look at the top things you can do in Changi Village Singapore.

  1. Engage in Changi Boardwalk

Changi is one of the most well-built and large villages in Singapore. You can enjoy the 1.2 km long walk between the village’s coastline and the beach club when visiting the village. The conducive weather and numerous water points along the journey make the walk enjoyable. The walk provides you with the best chance to enjoy the different attractive features and a good view of the country’s beautiful scenery. Remember that most tourists enjoy walking around this fascinating fishing village.

  1. Visit the Changi Museum and Chapel

The museum and chapels in this village hold numerous or huge historical backgrounds. The structures provided landed locations for wartime aircraft from Japan and Singapore. Thus, visiting the museum allows you to recall and enjoy the history of Singapore in the Second World War. The museum offers a clean, bright, and quiet environment to help you learn more about Singapore and the village’s history. The location offers an enjoyable and memorable moment for history lovers.

  1. Enjoy Local Foods

Enjoying the local food at the different food points sums up your enjoyment at this location. The different restaurants in the villages offer one of the best local foods worldwide. Check out for the different foods in the different food points or restaurants. The food points serve the best crossroad food and ports for different regions worldwide. You can get your favourite and delicious food at any outdoor food court despite the few street vendors.

  1. Tour the Sree Ramar Temple

Changi village is home to various religious structures. Despite Singapore being an Islamic nation, the authorities opened doors to different religions and beliefs after trading at the country’s major ports and colonisation. With the diversification, there was the birth of the Hindu temples, which you can visit in the country and village. The Sree Ramar Temple is the iconic religious structure you can visit or tour in this village, as it has mesmerising and colourful architecture. However, it’ll be wise to observe the temple’s rules when visiting the place to avoid inconveniences.

  1. Take a Boat Tour

Taking a boat tour is another thrilling activity you can take in this village. The activities provide an alternative option to break from the monotony of walking around the village. Take the right boat jetty tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery around this fishing village. You can choose to ride alone or join a group for the riding session. The water view offers a different perspective to show the uniqueness of the Changi from the other villages in Singapore.

Summing Up

Changi village is one of Singapore’s best and most popular attraction sites. The location offers various activities and features to help you enjoy your visit and stay in Singapore. You can enjoy your favourite local meals, take a boat tour, have a boardwalk tour, and visit the Sree Ramar temple and Changi museum in this iconic village.

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