Top waterskiing destinations in Dubai for thrilling jet ski ride experience


Dubai is a hub spot for one of the best adventurous activities in the world, and why wouldn’t it be? Sky, water, and land- Dubai visa rewards its visitors with rip-roaring adventures in these areas, and Jet Skiing unquestionably tops the list. Jet skiing is one of the easiest yet adventure-packed water sports activities to try in Dubai, with one of the most stunning city backdrops.

Know the Jet Skiing rules in Dubai

  • Safety first! That means you must be fully secured. That includes safety gear, life jackets, goggles, helmets, and a whistle.
  • Check the fuel! The jet ski must be fully fuelled before the ride. Fuelling between the jet ski rides is not allowed.
  • Stay at least 60 meters away from the other jet ski riders and at least 300 meters from the beach and swimmers.
  • Ensure to drive within the speed limit.
  • Stick to the time, as jet skiing is not allowed before sunrise and after sunset.
  • Jet skiing near shallow water and protected areas is restricted.

Best places to Jet Ski in Dubai

JBR Public Beach

JBR Beach is among the famous tourist attractions that offer numerous activities and is a popular spot for jet skiing in Dubai. It is a perfect destination for water adventure seekers and sunny beach lovers alike. There are seamless things to do at JBR beach, from wandering around the strolls to indulging in thrilling activities. The breeze at JBR beach will keep you entertained throughout the day. Other water sports include flyboarding, banana rides, kayaking, and more.

La Mer Beach

A top spot for jet skiing with a stunning city backdrop, La Mer Beach is the best destination in Dubai for jet skiing. This beach will offer you the adrenaline rush that you are looking for. Not just water activities, the spot also has some of the best trendy cafes, countless retail stores, and entertainment options. The other must-try water sports at La Mer beach are paddle boarding, surfing, flyboarding, and kayaking.

La Mer beach even offers the best deals on jet ski hire in Dubai. So, you can choose from plenty of options suitable for your ride.

Al Mamzar Beach Park.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is great for a picnic or day out with family and friends, and they also offer quite great and cheap jet ski rides in Dubai. The stunning coastline, spanning over 106 hectares, also has elegantly manicured gardens for your picnic and the perfect BBQ hotspot to unwind from your bustling routine. Who does not love tasty foods? That’s the reason La Mer is known for family get-togethers and is the all-time favorite beach venue for the affordable Jet Ski in Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is undoubtedly one of the best places to jet ski in Dubai. The beach offers a thrilling Jet Ski ride across the iconic landmarks of the city. Just like any other Jet Ski destination, Dubai Marina also provides a qualified instructor to operate the Jet Ski rides for the best experience. Is it  only jet skiing? Of course not! There are several water activities including adventurous and calming to try at the beach. Explore the Dubai Marina in a unique way this visit through a jet ski ride.

Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim provides an ideal spot for jet skiing and jet rental. If you do not own a jet ski license, you can opt for a cheap jet ski here that will give you an equally thrilling experience as other spots. Enjoy and witness iconic Dubai landmarks, including the Burj Al Arab, that add an exciting touch to your ride. You can also participate in other water sports available at Umm Sequim, and do not miss the local food around the beach.

Thrilling Jet Ski ride is one of the best Dubai beach activities. So, make sure to bucket list the beach destinations for an exciting vacation in Dubai

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