Traits Brits value in others – including loyalty and kindness


Kindness came in fourth place, followed by being friendly and caring.

Similarly, those polled hope others see them as trustworthy (45 percent), reliable (43 percent) and kind (41 percent). 

However, there is less focus on wanting to be seen as ambitious (14 percent), creative (20 percent) or confident (21 percent).

The research, commissioned by ALL – Accor Live Limitless – Accor’s lifestyle loyalty programme, also found 63 percent describe themselves as loyal.

A third would also like to be remembered as loyal (32 percent) and 88 percent believe the trait is important in relationships, whether with partners, friends or relatives.

When it comes to colleagues (37 percent) and partners (51 percent), loyalty is the top trait people want to see in them and 50 percent also want their friends to be faithful.

Luc Gesvret, a spokesperson for Accor, said: “It’s interesting to see the traits Brits look for in others as well as what they’d like to be remembered or recognised for vice versa.

“Loyalty is clearly an important factor both ways and it goes further than being faithful to loved ones as people are clearly quite passionate about repeatedly shopping with the same brands.

“It’s clear people are very precise about who and what they are loyal to.

“Traits people look for in others were found to include funny (36 percent), helpful (33 percent) and being a good listener (33 percent), interestingly, all traits associated with great customer service and hospitality.”

The research also found Brits put their money where their loyalty is, spending a quarter (26 percent) more with brands they have a loyalty card with. 

The quality of products (47 percent), positive experiences (44 percent) and being rewarded for using them (43 percent) are top reasons for staying loyal to brands.

Great customer service (35 percent) and freebies (20 percent) are also strong motives.

It also emerged 52 percent have left a review for a brand after a positive experience, versus just 46 percent who would leave a negative review after a bad experience.

And 57 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, admitted access to ‘money can’t buy’ experiences makes them more likely to join a loyalty programme.

Luc Gesvret for Accor, which is giving all members the chance to win €20,000 worth of points by booking a hotel break, added: “People also understand, as we do, that loyalty goes both ways, it’s not transactional – it’s about having a better relationship.

“That’s true for people and brands. We aim to make sure our loyal guests have a better experience and we try to reward their loyalty to us.

“We value loyalty, we understand it matters to people and it’s the foundation of a strong relationship.”


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