Trump preparing to throw gauntlet down for Biden 'Looks like he's on campaign trail'


Despite making no announcement of his plans to run due to US campaign laws, foreign affairs expert Jame Marlow told GB News it seemed clear given the statements made by Mr Trump at his rally in Perry, Georgia that a Joe Biden challenge is likely to be launched.

Mr Marlow said: “He was at a rally, he was in his element , he was enjoying himself, thousands of people listening to him.

“He looked like he was on the campaign trail.”

Mr Marlow acknowledged how the President can neither confirm or deny his campaign intentions due to the regulations and rules but added how he reckoned Trump is “going to do this”.

The comments follow a major rally from Mr Trump on Saturday where mr Trump discussed three main issues what he claimed were engulfing the United States: immigration, so-called “election fraud” and social media giants.

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Speaking to a packed venue, Mr Trump said: “Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have overrun our borders in recent days while laughing in the faces of Border Patrol agents.

“And they’re going after the riders of the horses  not the people came in illegally? Isn’t that incredible? Most people would say they were doing one hell of a job, right!

He added: “One thing is certain, this would never, ever be happening if I were your president.”

Mr Trump went on to falsely claim that he never conceded the 2020 US presidential election despite admitting defeat following Mr Biden’s win.

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It comes as footage has emerged of mounted Border Patrol officers spinning what appears to be leather whips, charging and shouting at migrants as they attempt to herd a number of them away from the border. 

US Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz told Reuters news agency how the incident was being investigated to make sure there was not an “unacceptable” response by law enforcement.

He said officers were operating in a “difficult environment” trying to ensure the safety of the migrants while searching for potential smugglers.

The chaos comes as an estimated 12,000 people are camped out under a bridge connecting the town of Del Rio, Texas with Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. Many of the Haitians at the border fled their homeland following the 2010 earthquake, initially finding shelter in South America before heading to the US border.


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