UK blocked us! Falklands chief in Argentina fumes at Britain – 'OUR national territory'


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Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic at the Argentine Foreign Ministry Guillermo Carmona was commenting ahead of events in Argentina to mark 40 years since Britain went to war with the South American country. In remarks reported by news website La Opinion Austral, Mr Carmona said: “We made a proposal for charter flights at the end of last year, but the UK refused and we are going to insist again.

“It is important that these two portions of the national territory are linked by a flight.”

La Opinion Austral reports that since the country’s president Alberto Fernandez took office, Buenos Aires has insisted on the importance of resuming air links with the national carrier Aerolíneas Argentinas between the islands and South America.

The position was also held by former presidents Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, according to La Opinion Austral.

Argentina plans to mark the conflict, triggered by its invasion of the British territory, with a series of events throughout the year, including commemorations for its war dead and veterans on April 2, the date in 1982 when the 74-day war began.


Argentina’s Falklands minister has laid claim to the British overseas territory. (Image: Getty)

Remains of an Argentine Chinook helicopter shot down during the Falklands War

Remains of an Argentine Chinook helicopter shot down during the Falklands War. (Image: Getty)

On June 10, the country will mark what it calls the Day of the Reaffirmation of the Argentine Sovereign Rights over the Falkland Islands. Argentina calls the remote archipelago in the south Atlantic, Islas Malvinas.

Mr Carmona said: “I believe that on the one hand, it is very important that this year we pay a well-deserved homage to the fallen, to their families who have suffered the consequences of the war, to the veterans.

“It is very important that the Argentine people make this gesture of recognition and gratitude to those who were protagonists of this conflict in the South Atlantic.”

More than 150 commemorative events are planned with more expected in Argentine provinces, municipalities as well as the Argentine Embassy in Spain.


Commandos aboard the HMS Hermes prepare to be transferred to other ships to await deployment to the Falkland Islands.

Commandos aboard HMS Hermes prepare to be transferred to other ships to await deployment. (Image: Getty)

Thousands of spectators cheer out the words of 'Rule Britannia' during a Victory Parade, after Britain went to war with Argentina over the Falkland Is

Thousands of spectators cheer out the words of ‘Rule Britannia’ during a Victory Parade in 1982 (Image: Getty)

La Opinion Austral reports that the Argentine Ambassador to Spain Ricardo Alfonsín has obtained support for negotiation between the UK and Argentina over the islands from four former Spanish presidents.

Mr Carmona, commenting on the Falkland Islands’ importance to Argentina, said: “We must fundamentally aim at becoming aware of the strategic importance of not only Malvinas, a part of the Argentine territory that has been occupied by the United Kingdom for 189 years, but also the enormous southern sea of the South Atlantic and the continental shelf, the exclusive economic zone of Antarctica.

“Malvinas invites us to look south, to assume that this sector of our homeland is an integral part of our national territory. Therefore, it is also an opportunity for us to think about this Argentina that is bicontinental and oceanic with very particular characteristics, different from those we learned in our primary or secondary school years ago.”

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The United Kingdom has no doubt about its sovereignty over the Falkland Islands and surrounding maritime areas but it is up to the Falkland Islanders to determine their own political status. 

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The world’s most powerful militaries. (Image: Express)

“In a 2013 referendum the Islanders voted overwhelmingly to remain a UK overseas territory.”

Islanders voted by an overwhelming margin of 99.8 percent in 2013.

London is in contact with the Argentine Government about charter flights to the Falklands, although responsibility for these rest with the Falkland Islands Government.

In the Falkland Islands, commemorations marking four decades since Argentine forces invaded and occupied the territory are set to last all year.

Three days after the invasion, on April 5, 1982, a UK task force set sail to recapture the territory and restore freedom for the islanders.

Wellwishers on dock as soldiers on QE2 depart for Falklands

Wellwishers on dock as soldiers on the QE2 depart for Falklands (Image: Getty)

In total, 25,948 UK Armed Forces personnel, along with about 3,000 civilian crew from the Merchant Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Chinese civilian crew, formed a Task Force involved in the liberation.

Of these, 255 died in the campaign. Three Islanders also lost their lives during the war.

Argentine forces surrendered on June 14, 1982. The date has been known in the Falkland Islands as Liberation Day ever since.

Mr Carmona’s remarks come amid the Argentine Republic continuing to grapple with debt woes. Talks over a new £29billion ($40bn) deal with the IMF showed little sign of advancing this week.

Reuters reports that some £13bn ($18bn) in payments are due this year, according to the current schedule.

Former president Fernandez de Kirchner blamed the country’s total debts of £237bn on the government of her successor, conservative Mauricio Macri.

His administration struck a record £42bn ($57bn) IMF agreement in 2018, but it failed to prevent economic crisis.

Ms de Kirchner wrote in a blog on Tuesday: “It is very clear that, in 2021, the ‘Macrista’ pandemic cost the state more than the COVID-19 pandemic.”

With additional reporting by Maria Ortega.


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