Ukraine annihilates 'Putin's personal boat' in laser-guided bomb attack – VIDEO


Ukrainian forces have shared the incredible moment they claimed to take out Vladimir Putin’s “parade boat” which he has used for fleet inspections in Sevastopol and St Petersburg. The white-coloured Raptor-class patrol vessel was obliterated by a laser-guided bomb dropped from a Ukraine-operated Bayraktar TB2 drone near Snake Island in the Black Sea.

Ukraine Now Telegram channel reported: “We received information that one of the destroyed boats of the Raptor type in the Snake Island area was Putin’s parade boat.”

It added that the vessel is “distinguished by the white colour of its hull”.

Another Ukrainian report said: “Among its sister ships, the vessel stands out by the white colour of its hull.

“This is a specially equipped parade boat with tail number 001.

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“The Kremlin’s dwarf conducted military parades in St Petersburg and Sevastopol several times on the boat.

“If the assumptions are correct, then the reaction of the bunker grandfather to such news can only be imagined.”

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