Ukrainian forces obliterate one of Russia's main battle tanks in Luhansk Oblast- video


The destruction of the Russian tank took place in the Eastern regions. Drone footage released by Ukraine’s army showed the camouflage tank was surrounded by tire tracks, making it easy to locate by opposition forces from the sky or on the ground. The Russian tank can be seen to erupt into flames as a ball of smoke rises up into the sky when hit by Ukraine artillery forces. The attack comes in the wake of heightened tensions between the two countries, as both neighbouring countries have been ramping up their war efforts which have in turn intensified the battle on the frontlines.

Drone footage released by Ukraine’s military showed the moment they tracked a camouflaged truck in Luhansk, Oblast.

Ukraine’s military used heavy artillery fire to hit the Russian tank.

The Russian tank can be seen to explode when fired at, causing a large blast on impact.

Thick black smoke can be seen billowing out of the destroyed tank, as a fire burns below.

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Users on Twitter have been reacting to the clip.

@Flitterine wrote: “too bad. Finally they are putting some effort in camo and they still get hit. Next thing would be “reduce visible tracks.“

@RonManuel8 said: “Love how they “try” to hide but leave tank tracks all over the place that the drones can quite plainly see.”

@Emvakudeni added: “This war will be painful for Russia and will last long.”

@KWillia27810352 wrote: “It’s precision fire, but likely drone-corrected, not Excalibur. Edited video, but you can see the smoke/crater a few meters in front from a previous shot, just before the tank is hit.”

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Dr Mike said: “War is extraordinarily expensive and, actually, often the weapons are not necessarily the most expensive thing. 

“To run an army, you need huge amounts of ammunition, which is very expensive. And as, you know, Ukraine is starting to go on the offensive now, those demands are going to increase. 

“You need a lot more ammunition to have an offensive than to defend, for instance. 

“And I think what we probably need to see is some shifts [in what is supplied to Ukraine]. What we have seen over the last week was quite a rapid assault by Ukrainian forces. 

“That is the kind of style of warfare that they are practising against the Russians. And what you need particularly for that is armoured vehicles, or at least mechanised fast vehicles. 

“That is quite different to what the West has been predominantly supplying, which have been artillery and defensive weapons. 

“So, as Ukraine moves to liberate more areas to push the Russians out of more occupied territory, they will need an increase in armoured vehicles and lots and lots of ammunition.”



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