'Ursula Von Der Leyen – did you sign off on this?!' Alex Phillips rages over EU arms


Former British MEP Alex Phillips raged at European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen after reports emerged Russia had been able to purchase weapons from European Union member states despite heavy sanctions. Ms Phillips hit out at EU efforts to become even more embroiled in foreign affairs in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine, as she questioned the lack of outrage over Germany and France’s conduct. The GB News host said: “Why is it that the world is not up in arms about this? Why aren’t people saying to Ursula von der Leyen, ‘did you sign off on this?'”

She continued: “It’s worth taking note that Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected as President of France and he’s one of these people really pushing for PESCO, this EU defence treaty, and the EU moving into the field of foreign affairs.

“First of all, what happens to France’s nuclear weapons? Does that become an EU nuclear weapon?

“Who has the finger on the nuclear button?

“And is it not a concern, if the EU do move in this particular area, that it’s really going to bog down decision-making between Western states?”

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Benjamin Loughnane from the Bow Group think tank argued the member states alleged to be engaging in arms sale with Russia are following the money.

He said: “I think it goes to show how useless the EU is.

“If the UK are doing a better job at keeping to their accords than they are at keeping to their own accords – we’re not even part of the EU – it just goes to show it’s not about being part of the EU but your intentions as individuals.

“Money talks, these people will outwardly say that they’re not going to sell arms to Russia and then do it through back channels because, at the end of the day, they follow the money.

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The European Commission was forced to intervene to close a loophole in the embargo after it emerged £294 million in weapons was sold to Moscow since 2014.

An approximate 78 percent of the sale came from French and German-based companies.

The revelation comes after Chancellor Olaf Scholz was forced to fend off heavy criticism over his reluctance to dispatch weapons to Ukraine despite his pledge to support Kyiv.

And newly-re-elected Emmanuel Macron faced accusations of appeasement as he unsuccessfully tried to push Vladimir Putin into first not attacking Ukraine, and then withdrawing his troops.


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