US travel ban: Biden sparks UK fury – when can Brits travel to America? Latest updates

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Brits are also forbidden from entering the US, while fully vaccinated travellers from America will be allowed into the UK without the need to quarantine from Monday, August 2.

The US has been shut to the majority of UK travellers since March 2020, after first imposing travel restrictions on China in January 2020.

The US has been particularly stringent with its travel measures, with the vast majority of countries not permitted entry to the states 18 months into the pandemic.

However, travel across the Atlantic could resume sooner than we think despite recent statements.

It is believed the US might lift restrictions in the autumn when the effects of lifting lockdowns and vaccination levels are better understood.

America’s chief medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci said in June: “I think once they [the UK] get more and more people vaccinated and get the people who’ve gotten a single dose to make sure they get their second dose, I think the UK is going to be in a very favourable position by the time we get to the end of the summer.”

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