'Very naughty' Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas' Romancing The Stone 'sexual tension'


Douglas told People: “We were going out to dinner and as a surprise, I said, ‘Kathleen, why don’t you pick up dad?’ and he opened the door and there was Kathleen in her finest.

“She had ‘ol Kirk Douglas’ jaw dropping. He was her biggest fan.”

Meanwhile, the attraction between the two co-stars also hadn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, things became so obvious that Diandra would later make a point of visiting the set and confronting the pair.

Turner said in 2017: “Then Diandra came down and reminded me he was still married.

“We were in a hotel in Valencia having dinner when she arrived. That gave her a chance to say in front of me “You know we’re still married and I have no intention of ending it”.

“I thought, ‘That’s that.’ The last thing I’d do to another woman is interfere in that. I felt sick. 

“It was thrilling to be falling in love, then I felt I’d been kicked in the stomach.”

With hindsight, the actress also confessed that she thinks she had a lucky escape.


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