Virgin Media offers millions of UK homes its cheapest-ever broadband, can you get it?


Anyone struggling to pay their broadband bills will be pleased to hear the latest news from Virgin Media. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has just announced an update to its Essential Broadband service which is offering those on Univeral Credit an even cheaper way to get online.

The price of this basic service, which offers speeds of 15Mbps, was £15 per month but that’s now been dropped by 16 percent to just £12.50 making it one of the cheapest packages in the market.

Although 15Mbps isn’t going to have HD movies whizzing to TVs at record speeds it is fast enough to stream TV shows on platforms such as Netflix and will easily cope with surfing the web and sending endless emails.

If those downloads really don’t sound fast enough then Virgin is also offering a new, faster tier called Essential Broadband Plus.

This package will launch next month that will deliver speeds of 50Mbps for just £20 per month. Along with being cheaper, there is another bonus of these plans as they come with no fixed-term contract and no activation fees. That means you can leave whenever you like.

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One final thing that Virgin is offering those on Universal Credit is access to TV via its Stream box. This mini device connects to your broadband and beams entertainment straight to the big screen.

There’s usually a £35 fee for this device but that’s been cut to just £20.

Any customer taking out Stream will also get 10 percent credit back on the subscriptions they add to the service via their Virgin Media bill, giving customers a more affordable way to subscribe to major streaming services such as Disney and Netflix.

Speaking about the plans, Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media O2 said: “We have a long history of stepping up in tough times and now is no different. Connectivity remains an essential part of our lives, so we are boosting the support we provide to those who need it most in the cost-of-living crisis. We’re taking steps to increase awareness of our social broadband plans, while making it easier to sign up, and are calling on the Government to cut VAT on social tariffs which we will directly pass on, helping those struggling most to save even more.

“Through continued network investment, and a range of products at different price points and speeds, we consistently provide incredible value to customers and will keep playing our part in this challenging climate.”

Of course, it’s not just Virgin offering lower prices for customers suffering financial difficulties.

Other ISPs including BT, Sky, NOW and Hyperotic all have similar plans although Virgin’s latest price cut does make it one of the cheapest.

Here’s how all the plans compare.

BT Home Essentials • £15 a month – 36Mbps speeds

Virgin Media Essentials • £12.50 a month – 15Mbps speeds

Sky Basics • £20 a month – 36Mbps speeds

NOW Basics • £20 a month – 36Mbps speeds

Hyperoptic Fair Fibre • £15 a month – 50Mbps speeds


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