Weight loss: Expert shares workout to help burn fat and the 'best time to train'


Weight loss is not easy to achieve but regular exercise can help people lose excess weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. An expert opened up on workouts to do at home and the best time to get moving.

Zack said: “Compound exercises work a collection of muscles.

“It’s a good way to target multiple areas with one exercise.

“These include jump squats (working your leg muscles and core – not to mention it’s great cardio), push ups (targets the chest, shoulders and triceps) and lunges (aimed at leg muscles and core).”

By doing compound moves, those working out can target more parts of their body in less time.


He also shared advice for those who do not have any equipment to hand.

The expert continued: “Use items at home, such as a chair, towel, water bottle (even a wall!) as substitutes for gym equipment.

“Your towel [can be a] yoga mat, while a chair can be used for step up exercises, tricep dips or box squats.

“Alternatively, sit with your back against the wall at a 90 degree angle and hold it for 30 to 45 seconds for three rounds – voila! Leg planks.”

“Set your alarms for 11:30 – just before lunch is the best time to train,” Zack said.

“You can power through your workout with energy from breakfast and you’ll support your recovery post-workout with lunch.

“Inactivity can be addictive.

“However, after your workout you’ll get a boost of energy which will help to drive productivity and power you through the rest of your work in the afternoon.”


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