'What are they playing at?' Joe Biden savaged after US 'caves' to China on climate change

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Journalist Caleb Bond brutally hit out at the climate deal Joe Biden struck with Xi Jinping, saying the US is trying to “suck up to the CCP”. The US and China unexpectedly announced on Wednesday the two countries have agreed to boost climate cooperation over the next decade at COP26. Beijing faced serious backlash after President Xi failed to join other world leaders at the climate summit in Glasgow.

He continued: “And the fact that Joe Biden and John Kerry have sort of got in bed with China over this, you know.

“China going around, carrying on as it always does, committing to nothing, while the rest of the world is expected to do the heavy lifting in terms of reducing its emissions. 

“The US has basically allowed them to do this by joining with them to put out this statement. 

“I honestly cannot work out what the US is playing it by signing up for this other than trying to suck up to the CCP and suck up to XI Jinping to try and get them to shut up about orcas and a few other things that are going on.”

He added: “It’s like they’re trying to buy the friendship of the CCP by endorsing the fact that they want everyone else to do the heavy lifting instead of them.” 

In a surprise announcement at COP26, the US and China 

pledged to act in a joint declaration.

The two countries are two of the world’s biggest CO2 emitters.

The declaration says both sides will “recall their firm commitment to work together” to achieve the 1.5C temperature goal.


Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are now expected to hold a virtual meeting as early as next week.

According to China’s climate envoy, the declaration was agreed upon following some 30 meetings with the US over the past 10 months.

Scientists say that limiting global temperature rises to 1.5C will help humanity avoid the worst climate impacts. 

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow officially ends on Friday.

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