What happened to the Snake Island defenders? Ukraine launches audacious revenge attack


In one of the most widely circulated clips of the conflict in Ukraine, a recording of the heroic Snake Island defenders telling a Russian warship to “go f*ck yourself!” became a viral sensation and became a poignant symbol of Ukrainian people fighting against the incursion by Moscow. The island is now making headlines once again after Ukraine launched a brace attack on Russian forces that now control the Snake Island.

In recent days, Ukrainian forces began an audacious attack on the now Russian occupied island.

Aerial footage, for which their is no exact date, filmed by a nearby drone shows Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets firing rockets at buildings held by the Russians.

Two Su-27s enter very low from the south of the island and drop what appear to be high-drag bombs, scoring direct hits on the main complex and buildings on the eastern side.

After the initial strikes there appear to be at least two major secondary explosions.

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Roman Hrybov, the Ukrainian border guard who told the Russian warship to “go f*ck yourself” was awarded with a medal for his services in March.

Ukraine’s defence ministry tweeted at the time: “Roman Hrybov, the author of the famous ‘Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself’ phrase, returned from Russian captivity to his native Cherkasy region. Glory to the Hero! #GlorytoUkraine.”

In the widely circulated radio exchange, a Russian voice is heard saying: “This is a Russian warship.

“I propose you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary victims. Otherwise you will be bombed.”

Snake Island is an uninhabited but strategically important strip of land in the Black Sea, about 186 miles west of annexed Crimea.


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