What makes Tennis a Popular Betting Sport?

Betting Sport
Betting Sport

Head to the sportsbook page of any online betting site, at more or less any time during the year, and you’ll be greeted by lots of tennis odds. If that site offers live streaming, check that too for what crops up most in its listings. You may be unsurprising to learn that, hey, there’s a lot of tennis there, too. Make no mistake about it, tennis is a popular sport to bet on, right up there with football and horse racing.

The question you may be asking yourself is “why?” – or maybe you’ve got your own ideas as to the answer to that question. Whatever, the truth is that a lot of people currently researching betting sites not on Gamstop will be doing so in order to make bets on a series of tennis markets, and some of the reasons for this are set out below. So, if you’d care to read on, let’s begin.

It’s an easy sport for which to create markets

 There is a lot of record-keeping in tennis. Points are won pretty much constantly, so the game is filled with statistical feedback. This generates natural betting opportunities. How many games will there be in the match? Will it go to the full three (or five) sets? Will the favourite win any set without their opponent taking a single game off them? How many aces will there be? Who will serve more of them? What about double faults?

These are just the tip of the iceberg; there are hundreds of markets on which to bet in tennis, and these only grow in number when the Grand Slam events come around.

It fits well with in-play betting

 A tennis match has a momentum that ebbs and flows. You can almost see how it swings from one player to another. Each break of serve, each long rally that is won with a decisive forehand or a tired jab into the net – there are constant markers for how a match is developing, and this lends itself exceptionally well to betting while the contest is in progress. In any tennis match, there is usually a player who is favoured to win, and because there are only two competitors, the odds for a straight winner bet are usually unappealing – the in-play and other markets make up for this.

It’s a year-round sport

 The top players on a tennis tour will be in action most weeks, from January to December. There is scarcely a period that could be described as an “off-season”. So bettors who like to bet on tennis will always have matches to bet on. While top-flight European football takes a couple of months off in summer, leaving football bettors to try and gain an understanding of Icelandic and Irish leagues among others, a tennis fan can follow the best players in their sport more or less constantly. This allows for a steady flow of betting which is almost unbroken at any stage of the year.

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