What You Need to Know About Onsite Health Screening in Singapore

Onsite Health Screening
Onsite Health Screening

Today’s workplace is fast-paced, collaborative, and filled with technology. As a result, employees are experiencing more stress than ever before. This pressure impacts their performance and well-being and their physical and mental health. According to WHO (World Health Organization), employees who work under stressful conditions can experience several adverse effects. These may include insomnia, high blood pressure, and depression.

Onsite health screening in Singapore helps employees remain healthy. These programs are perfect for any organization looking to promote employee health while reducing insurance premiums and healthcare costs in the long run. If you want to improve your team member’s physical, mental and emotional health, consider implementing an onsite health screening program.

Types of Onsite Health Screening in Singapore

The market is saturated with different types of health screening services. You can choose from a variety of options, including:

  • Wellness – it entails essential examination and testing. Typically, it includes blood pressure, body mass index assessments, cholesterol screenings, hearing tests, and nutrition consultations.
  • Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) – these are recommended for people who want to understand the risk factors that affect their overall health so they can make healthy choices and live a healthier lifestyle in the future. HRAs also consider factors such as stress levels and nutrition habits that affect employees’ health daily.
  • Disease Management Programs (DMPs) – help people manage a disease or chronic condition by providing them with an action plan to improve their health status.
  • Cardiovascular screening – This type of screening helps to manage risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke. The screening may include physical exams, blood pressure checks, and cholesterol tests. It is important to remember that you should not take any medical test from anyone unless you know exactly what the medical test involves and why you need it.
  • Sexual health screening – this could be a blood test, STD test, or chlamydia test. The purpose of sexual health screening is to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  • School medical screening – many companies in Singapore offer school medical onsite screening services. They are usually provided in combination with other tests to prevent illness or injury.
  • Domestic foreign worker medicals – this helps to improve healthcare outcomes for foreign workers by identifying early signs of illness. This screening may include physical exams, blood tests, and X-rays.

Relevance of Onsite Health Screening

When employees are healthy, they can focus on their work. Their productivity and performance will improve, and they will feel happier. The following are some of the benefits of an onsite health screening program:

  • Reduce healthcare costs – these programs help reduce the healthcare costs for the company. Any underlying issues will be noticed before they become a major health issue.
  • Improve employee satisfaction – if employees are provided with an opportunity to be proactive, they will appreciate the employer’s care and work harder.
  • Promote a healthy work-life balance – these programs help promote a healthy work-life balance. Once employees understand their health concerns, they are better equipped to manage their health and work accordingly.
  • Reduce absenteeism – employees with any underlying medical issues are more likely to take time off from work to deal with the issues. With the help of onsite health screening services, employees’ medical issues can be detected early so they can return to work quickly.
  • Improve productivity – when employees are happy and healthy, they are more productive at work and enjoy going there more often.
  • Enhance company culture – providing such benefits is another way for employers to show that they truly care about the well-being of the employees. When employees know they are valued, they are happier and more productive.

Organizations that implement programs like this demonstrate they care about the well-being of their staff members. When your team members feel better physically and mentally, they will have more energy during the day and enjoy working harder than ever.

Take Away

Onsite health screening in Singapore is essential for many organizations. Health screening encompasses a range of tests, from physical exams to lab tests. The healthcare providers who perform the screening onsite in Singapore should be well trained and registered. Look for an accredited company, not just any other typical health firm.

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