Why is visceral fat dangerous? The 6 reasons visceral fat can be life-threatening

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Why is visceral fat dangerous?

Chronic inflammation

Visceral fat is dangerous fat because it is not inactive, according to Dr Lee.

She explained: “It produces cytokines – chemical messenger molecules, such as interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumour necrosis factors alpha (TNF-alpha) that switch on the immune response.

“This results in chronic inflammation, and chronic inflammation underpins the development of many of the diseases we see today.

“It can lead to atherosclerosis (which is the major cause of heart disease and stroke), high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and dementia.”

Oxidative stress

With the system on high alert, your cells are highly metabolically active and need to use a lot of oxygen for energy.

Dr Lee expanded: “By-products of metabolism are created called reactive oxygen species (ROS).

“These ROS are dangerous molecules that can damage your DNA and disrupt the normal patterns of cellular repair and cell clearance.

“This process is known as oxidative stress, and oxidative stress underpins the development of many of the chronic diseases we see today.”

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