'Will last longer' Foods you should never keep in the fridge including cucumbers & ketchup



The expert said it is a myth that bananas last longer when refrigerated. As they are tropical fruits, their skin cells are easily damaged by the cold.

“So for optimal ripeness, keep your bananas out of the fridge but away from other fruits and vegetables,” Faye said.


Most people store strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in the fridge. However, cool temperatures leave them dry and lacking in taste.


The cold impacts orange’s acidity, leaving a bitter, tart taste.

“Instead, simply place oranges and other citrus fruits in your fruit bowl for the perfect zest,” she said.


The expert said people should never store melons in the fridge as cold temperatures cut the melon’s nutrition by half. The best option is to keep them at room temperature and only refrigerate when sliced.


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