Window cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans easy hack to remove stains in 10 minutes – 'works a treat'

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Cleaning windows is something that should be done regularly, especially if they are stained. Fans of Mrs Hinch have shared how baking soda can clean glass.

How to clean windows

Posting in a Mrs Hinch Facebook group, one woman asked for advice on how to clean windows and glass in her property.

She explained she had moved into a new home and was struggling to get rid of marks on various glass throughout the home.

Having already tried various cleaning products, she turned to others in the group for advice.


The post soon gathered hundreds of comments as others shared their tips and tricks.

While there are lots of cleaning products available that promise results, homeowners shared the best DIY remedies.

A number of people claimed using baking soda, or bicarbonate soda, was enough to get strong results.

It was also suggested using vinegar would help achieve sparkling glass.

“You can buy a shower head that contains stones that naturally soften the water as it comes out meaning that you shouldn’t get this level of build up.”

Looking online can be a great way to pick up tips when cleaning a property.

There are lots of products available in supermarkets that promise results.

However, using cupboard staples could also be enough to get rid of tough stains.

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