Wordle 487 October 19 hints: Spoiler-free CLUES to help you solve today's Wordle puzzle


If you’re struggling with Wordle 487 for October 19, then you’ve most certainly come to the right place. Today’s teaser is one of the hardest Wordle puzzles of the month so far, and judging by the social media feeds, it’s causing fans a fair few issues. Fortunately, Express Online is here to help, courtesy of three spoiler-free hints for Wordle 487 on October 19. Good luck, because you might just need it.

In case you’ve never played before, the key to solving Wordle puzzles is to pay close attention to the colour of the tiles after you make a guess.

If the tile turns grey, then the letter you’ve guessed doesn’t appear in the final word. If it turns yellow, then the letter appears in the word, just not in that position. A green tile means the letter is in the word and in the correct place.

An addictive game with a huge following, Wordle has spawned dozens of clones, including a Lord of the Rings themed version, a musical variant called Heardle, and a hardcore version called Quordle.

If you’re not great with words, then you might prefer something like daily maths-based puzzle Nerdle, where the aim is to figure out a mystery equation.

Anyway, if you’re here for Wordle 487 hints, check out the latest clues for the October 19 puzzle below…

General Wordle tips and tricks…

• Don’t use the same letter twice in your opening guess.

• Try to use a couple of vowels in your first guess, particularly ‘A’ and ‘E’.

• Avoid letters such as ‘X’, ‘Z’ and ‘Q’ until later on, when you have a better idea what the answer is.

• ‘RAISE’ is a good word to start with, while ‘TOUCH’ is a decent second guess. If you really want to become a Wordle master, these are four of the best starting words to use.

• Check out the daily hints provided by Express Online below…

Wordle 487 hints and clues for October 19…

1. Wordle 487 starts with the letter Q.

2. Wordle 487 contains two vowels.

3. A peculiar aspect of a person’s character.


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