Xbox Series X stock: Halo Edition pre-orders trickle through ahead of Infinite release


Xbox Series X restocks are still few and far between, but there is reason to be hopeful. This week has already seen the Xbox Series X become available to buy at both EE and BT, with a fresh batch of codes being sent out to BT customers and the Xbox Series X available to order via EE’s Add To Plan scheme. Elsewhere Very also launched an Xbox Series X restock this week on the same day the retailer was also taking PS5 orders again.

Besides these restocks, the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition console has also become available to buy recently. Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console first launched in the UK over the summer. And anyone that missed out on these initial pre-orders have been given more opportunities to purchase the eye-catching console recently.

According to the @UKPS5Notify account, pre-orders for the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition console were available on the Microsoft Store on Tuesday October 19. It wasn’t easy for Xbox fans to secure an order though, with the next-gen console stock tracker account saying the Microsoft website had been “glitchy” during the stock drop.

Alerting its followers to the restock which went live around 8.20am, the @UKPS5Notify Twitter posted: “Xbox Series X Halo Edition at Microsoft.” The account went on to add: “Keep trying, site is just very glitchy atm. If you get an error after checkout, go and check your emails for an order confirmation”.

The Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition console has a November 15 release date, ahead of the highly anticipated Halo Infinite game launching on December 8.

The Halo Infinite console boasts a gorgeous design which features an imprint of the stars seen from the the surface of Zeta Halo. This design extends onto the fan behind a blue vent on the Xbox Series X console that’s inspired by Cortana.

The controller too has a sleek matching grey, black and yellow/gold colour scheme.

Besides the recent pre-orders available on the Microsoft Store, GAME also allegedly listed the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console as in stock on Wednesday October 20.

That’s according to Stock Informer, however according to the site the console sold out in the space of a minute.

So it’s unclear if that was a bug that momentarily listed the console as available to buy, or if there was a small amount of stock that quickly sold out.

One gamer asked the @GAMEDigital Twitter about the Xbox Series X Halo console, saying they were ready to buy it today (October 20).

The Xbox fan tweeted: “@GAMEdigital was there ready for the @Halo Infinite XBOX Bundle which says pre-order but will not add to basket. Now says ‘Out of Stock'”.

Hopefully the recent trickle through of Xbox Series X Halo Infinite pre-orders show more stock of the limited edition will continue to come through ahead of its release date next month.


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