Xbox Series X stock shortages are Xbox Series S gain

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This Black Friday season the console that has sold the most has not been the Xbox Series X, or the PS5, or the Nintendo Switch. According to a new report, the console that has been flying off the shelves during the Black Friday sales has been the Xbox Series S. The news was reported by Business Insider, who said analysis by Adobe Digital Economy Index indicated the Xbox Series S was the best performing console in the US Black Friday sales.

The research looked at “over one trillion visits to U.S. retail sites”, and found out of all those visits the Xbox Series S was among the best selling Black Friday products – and that the fun-sized Microsoft machine outperformed its contemporaries.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that ever since the latest batch of next-gen consoles launched the PS5 and Xbox Series X have not been readily available.

The stock situation – especially on the PS5 front – is a lot better in the UK than this time last year, and maybe if the PS5 and Xbox Series X were widely available the big Black Friday console winner this time around wouldn’t be the Series S.

But thinking that’s the only reason the Series S is selling so well would be doing a disservice on two key fronts.

Firstly, it would do a disservice to Microsoft who had the foresight to release a next-gen console at a very appealing price point, which has been easier to produce despite the ongoing semi-conductor shortage.

And secondly, it would also do a disservice to the Xbox Series S itself, which is a great little machine.

The recent release of Forza Horizon 5, which looks absolutely gorgeous when running on the Xbox Series S, shows that Microsoft’s vision of a console that won’t break the bank that is capable of delivering next-gen experiences is not a pipe dream, but a reality gamers can enjoy right now.

Plus, the cute and compact design of the Xbox Series S is a sight that you can never grow old of, and the console is easily transportable if you need to take it into a different room or somewhere else.

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