Zara Tindall at 40: 'Illustrates how different Princess Anne's life might have been'

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Princess Anne and Zara’s different life choices turned them into very different people and made Zara the spontaneous and relaxed woman that she is today. Zara was free to pursue her own life while her mum did not have the same luck.

Zara and Princess Anne’s body language suggests similar personalities – after all, they are mother and daughter – but also some very contrasting traits.

In the present, Zara is very much like her mum was at the same age. Elegant, with a similar style, and committed to her duties.

However, body language expert Judi James explains that their different lifestyles have made Zara “a more approachable, tactile and seemingly down-to-earth woman.” Her mother was publicly non-tactile, more formal and even distant at the same age.

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“Zara at forty seems to illustrate how different her mother’s life and personality might have been under similar circumstance,” Judi explains.

At forty, Anne was ending an unhappy marriage to marry her current husband.

Zara and her husband Mike have been happily married for years.

Without the pressure to pick an appropriate royal match, Zara was able to choose whom she wanted to share her life with and by doing so, she was able to live a life with the freedom that her mum never had.


Probably the biggest similarity between both of them is their love for horses.

Anne was very close to her father, sharing his love of all things equestrian, and his stoic approach to life.

Zara also shared that same love for horses and their riding skills took both mother and daughter to the Olympics.

Judi explained: “Anne’s passion for horses meant the public did get to see a less formal side of her when she was attending horse trials.

“Her tight grouping with Zara and Peter here and their matching country clothing shows the tightest of mother/children bonds.

“However, she was rarely able to show the same informality as Zara is here, lifting her own small child up in the air in a moment of mutual play.”

Although they both have a very good relationship with their children, Zara is a very loving mum, always looking casual and playful with her kids.

“With her daughters rushing about freely their body language displays are spontaneous and tactile,” explains Judi.

In Zara, without the weight of royal duty, the public eye sees a friendly, very affectionate and even fun woman. Now, she seems to have passed some of those traits to her mum, who is more spontaneous and relaxed, especially with her grandchildren.

“It is touching to see that now Zara is forty she appears to be a very powerful role model for her own mother when it comes to relaxing and having some spontaneous and tactile-looking fun with her grandchildren,” explains Judi.

Zara at forty certainly shows the woman that Princess Anne could have become.

Different life choices, lifestyles and circumstances could have led Anne to be the fun, approachable and spontaneous woman that Zara is now.

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