British Gas extends 'lifeline' for people struggling with money – can you get support?


Following a successful pilot earlier in the year, British Gas, in collaboration with Post Office and rapper and mental health activist Professor Green, are holding a host of support sessions to provide free money and energy advice to communities in need. Having launched in October, approximately 100 more pop-ups will be taking place across the country into early next year.

October’s new energy price guarantee took the average household’s annual energy bills up to £2,500 and with winter fast approaching, energy costs are only expected to become more expensive.

While a variety of support schemes are in place to help households pay, many Britons are still unsure of what they may be entitled to.

In fact, 46 percent surveyed by British Gas’ said they were feeling confused about the support available for their energy bills, while 37 percent didn’t know where to find accurate advice for their questions around energy.

The second phase of the British Gas Post Office pop-ups pledges to help clear up the areas of uncertainty by providing straight answers to people’s most pressing questions.

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Jessica Taplin, British Gas Energy Trust chief executive said: “The previous pop-ups were so well received; we know there’s a real need for even more in-community support, especially when so many people living in vulnerable communities don’t have access to online resources.

“These pop-ups will be a lifeline to those really struggling this winter. As always, our mission is to help alleviate the detrimental impact of poverty and by working closely with local organisations we are able to provide much-needed financial and practical support to vulnerable members of the community, whether you’re a British Gas customer or not.”

Every event will see money and energy advisers from local British Gas Energy Trust-funded charities offering an in-depth overview of the support available, signposting people to other organisations who may be able to help, checking benefits entitlements, and providing free energy-saving tips and advice.

The aim of phase two of the pop-ups, which started in October and will continue into early 2023, is to reach even more of the country and help thousands more people.

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Stephen Manderson, also known as Professor Green, commented: “Times are tough for so many at the moment, it’s more important than ever to make sure people know what help’s available and where to access it.

“I went down to a British Gas Post Office Pop-Up in my hometown of Hackney and spoke to the local community – most of whom had no idea about the money and energy advice on offer from the British Gas Energy Trust and their local organisations.

“With over 100 Pop-Ups happening across the country, I’d urge people to attend one to get answers to their concerns and find out if they’re eligible for a grant, which could help alleviate some of their worries and hopefully improve their financial situation.”


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