FIA accused of more 'outrageous' scandal than Red Bull's minor budget cap breach


“There should be a message immediately with: ‘This was what the discussion was about, this is what the statement is, this is what the punishment is. Ready and have a nice day.” Kalff went on to add that he doesn’t feel the breach will have “major consequences” for Red Bull.

“I have heard people say that they know for sure that Aston Martin and Red Bull will be fined €7.5m [£6.5m],” he added. “They have completely fallen out of the charade! Nobody knows what it is. The only ones who do know are the people from the FIA ​​and the teams involved.

“Only they know how it is and for the rest it is all talk in space. We can think about what it is about and what could be logical. Christian Horner, for example, said that it is about a difference in interpretation. may be logical, but other than that I don’t know and nobody knows. People who say yes, just say something in the hope that they got it right and afterwards they can say: ‘I told you so!'”


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