Harry Styles 'pre-negotiated' showing his 'peen' in sex scenes


Harry has been slowly but surely ramping up his movie roles in the past few years. He teamed up with Batman director Christopher Nolan on Dunkirk, and since then he has even appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals movie.

Later this year he turns his acting chops to drama. He’ll be starring opposite Black Widow star Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Darling. He’ll also be playing Tom Burgess in My Policeman, where he’ll be married to a woman while in a relationship with another man.

And the raunchy movie is set to send pulses racing, Harry has now revealed.

Harry recently announced he will be completely naked in the upcoming love story. He said: “It does feel vulnerable. I’d never kissed anyone on camera before and it felt like giving a part of myself away in some ways.”

But, he added, he was guided through the intimate scenes by Hollywood professionals who he trusted along the way.

He noted: “I think the most important thing in that stuff is trust. I think if you speak about it properly with everyone that’s involved [that helps].”

However, before he started filming, he confirmed how much skin he would be showing.

Harry revealed: “I wasn’t naked in Don’t Worry Darling. I was naked in My Policeman.”

He then explained just how much of Harry fans would see on the big screen. 

“There’s no peen in the final cut,” he announced. “There’s bum bum… I don’t think the peen was intended to be involved.”

In fact, he already negotiated to leave his manhood out of the picture.

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Harry said: “I had a wonderful experience being directed by Olivia … Acting is kind of very uncomfortable at times. I think you have to trust a lot. It requires a lot of trust if you want to give it everything. I think being able to trust your director is a gift. That was very helpful. It really meant for kind of a really nice experience working on that movie.”

He added of acting: “I think it’s really fun. I think ultimately, in terms of the trust element, it can feel really silly. It can feel embarrassing. You’re playing pretend ultimately.”

Harry has been very busy of late. He recently released his third album, Harry’s House, to critical acclaim. And during the promotional cycle of the record, he reminisced about being in One Direction.

Harry revealed during a chat with Zane Lowe that he “never enjoyed” the band’s highs. He said: “I kind of emotionally coasted. I didn’t really feel anything. And we’d go through real highs in the band and stuff, and it would always just feel like a relief.” Instead, he would think to himself: “Oh, we didn’t fail. That feels like a massive relief.”

Now, he has gotten past these feelings. He said: “I never really felt like I celebrated anything. And I had a great time! Like, truly.”



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