How to check your state pension age as DWP digs in its heels over reform

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State pension ages were set at 65 for men and 60 for women for six decades until the process of achieving state pension age gender parity began.
It wasn’t until 2018 that the SPA was the same for men and women for the first time.

The SPA changes were embroiled in controversy from the beginning for a number of reasons. The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) recently described “maladministration” at the Department for Work and Pensions’ handling of the age changes.

This was due to the failure to adequately communicate the changes to those affected. This led to many being blindsided by the changes, finding out their state pension age had been changed just before they had expected to retire.

The SPA has since been increased to 66 and is set to increase to 67 by 2028.

When the petition reached 10,000 signatures a government response was triggered.

The Government said: “Reducing it [the SPA] is neither affordable nor fair to tax payers and future generations.”

It also argued that there would have been an additional cost of around £215billion had the changes not been made.

A DWP spokesperson told “Both the High Court and Court of Appeal have supported the actions of the DWP, under successive governments dating back to 1995, and the Supreme Court refused the claimants permission to appeal.

“In a move towards gender parity, it was decided more than 25 years ago to make the State Pension age the same for men and women”.

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