5 Ways to Make Money With Cryptocurrency in 2022


When Bitcoin introduced the cryptocurrency concept in 2009, most perceived it as a gimmick that would fade away fast. However, a decade later, Bitcoin is one of tens of thousands of digital coins shaping an industry valued at over $987 billion.

Despite crypto’s intrinsic volatility, analysts have a positive attitude, signaling the time is right to trade, invest, mine, and use numerous other methods to make money from digital coins.

Explore our in-depth guide if you are wondering how to cash in on the trend in 2022.

Crypto Mining

The old fashion way of making a profit from crypto is still popular. Although it will not offer the same dividends for Bitcoin as in the old days, there are plenty of new digital coins which would love to harness the computing power of your PC.

Mining in the crypto context entails helping sustain the decentralized blockchain network by using special computers to solve mathematical equations that are part of the proof of work mechanism that validates transactions. For their contribution, miners receive a reward from the token they are mining or are paid in fiat money.

Mining requires an upfront investment in a quality computer rig and will result in a hefty electricity bill. The upside is numerous cryptocurrencies are emerging on the market. By following the latest cryptocurrency news, you can make sure that you join a network in an inception phase which can provide huge profits as the coin increases in value over time.

Buy and HODL

Most crypto investment principles are similar to traditional strategies that apply to the stock market. Like HODL, which refers to buying and holding a cryptocurrency in the long run, investors are betting that the value of the purchased coins will rise over time. It is the most used strategy for earning a profit from crypto.

The best approach with this method is to identify a prospective digital coin possessing the volatility to initiate a price fluctuation that will generate profit. Popular crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are known for their stability in this regard. Yet investors can experiment with alternative coins, which are cheaper and have the potential to multiply the initial investment.

Play-To-Earn Crypto Games

Gaming enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised to know they can make money on cryptocurrency by playing games. There are many variations of the concept. But at the core, games have native tokens that are the foundation for the economies in the game. Players can purchase, sell, and trade with these in-game currencies.

The gameplay and graphics are not as impressive as some titles available for top-level gaming consoles. However, they connect gamers from around the globe through virtual avatars. And once players acquire real estate or other in-game digital assets, they can convert them into unique NFTs and sell them on the open market for the best possible price.

Staking Cryptocurrency Tokens

Passive forms of income are attractive because they require minimal or no input from the asset owner. Staking is a new term in the crypto lexicon, and it refers to the process of locking up crypto holdings in a network to get rewards. In essence, it’s a similar method to depositing funds in a traditional savings account and earning interest in return.

The mechanism of staking is not complicated. Blockchain technology works by verifying crypto transactions, and this requires participants on the network. Investors who stake coins take part in consensus-taking processes and help validate transactions. They receive compensation as interest payments that can vary depending on the network and the lock-up period.

Day Trading Crypto

The perception of cryptocurrency as a quick-rich scheme was partly created by sensational news of investors trading digital coins on exchanges for substantial profits. Day trading remains a popular method to make money on cryptocurrency.

As a short-term strategy, traders buy and sell digital coins on the same day, profiting from tiny price fluctuations. This makes it an inherently risky strategy, considering prices do not always move in the expected trajectory.

Day trading requires excellent analytical skills, although the job can get outsourced to a trading bot that performs the charting and pattern recognition. With the help of an AI, traders can jump the learning curve.

It’s important to know that although day trading can generate large profits, it’s a risky endeavor that requires learning the fundamental principles of cryptocurrencies and the market.


Cryptocurrencies have drastically altered the financial system and are opening new avenues for making money with digital coins. Our guide reveals five proven methods to participate in the booming crypto market.

However, despite the enormous profit potential, cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, and without regulatory oversight, caution is advised. That said, the best way to make money from cryptocurrency is by investing in digital coins with promise.

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